Boiler Repairs

Beazer Electrical Services have a highly qualified staff of electrical engineers with a multitude of diverse particular skills among them. One of the specialities Beazer Electrical can offer is a team trained in repairing and maintaining electric boilers and water heaters in both domestic and commercial premises. 

Electric water heaters are fickle things, just like their gas-fueled counterparts, but instead of a gas burner to heat the water below the tank, the electric versions rely on heating elements that extend into the tank at the top and bottom.

A faulty heating element will obviously cause annoyingly cool or cold water, and that can be easily and quickly remedied by the Beazer Electrical experts with a simple replacement of the part. 

There are many other things that can go wrong with electric boilers however, caused by any number of things such as high-water pressure, a lack of tank maintenance, or improper settings, for example.

Because these appliances are extremely high voltage you would be putting yourself in danger were you to fiddle with your electric boiler and try to repair it yourself. Instead call in the specialists from Beazer, and we’ll have you enjoying a hot bath again before you know it! 

Contact us as soon as you notice any problems with your electric water heater. There may be strange noises coming from the appliance – a rumble or whine – which could be an audible sign of overheating. If the hot water comes out of the tap smelling unpleasant and/or with a brownish colour to it there could be corrosion in the tank. A leak from a valve or plumbing connection is an obvious sign of trouble, and could be indicative of a number of faults.

Only in extreme cases will your electric boiler issues be severe enough to warrant replacement, especially if you call Beazer in as soon as you spot a problem, before it can escalate. Usually we can diagnose and repair the electric boiler or replace parts to get it working again properly.

Ideally, we recommend that you arrange for us to carry out an annual check of your electric boiler to keep it healthy and safe, prolonging its life and ensuring that your electric and water bills are kept to a minimum.

If you need your electric boiler unit maintained, serviced or repaired by tried and trusted professional engineers, contact Beazer Electrical Services to make an appointment at your convenience.

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